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New York City Scaffold Accident Lawyer

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Scaffold Accident Lawyer NYC

One of the unique characteristics of New York City compared to other U.S. cities is the marked presence of ladders and scaffolding setups in many parts of the metro area, including mobile scaffolds and permanent-appearing pipe scaffolds. Sadly, numerous scaffold accidents involving construction workers take place in New York each year, resulting in injury or even death. In fact, data from the New York City Department of Buildings shows the rise in deaths and injuries on New York City construction projects far exceeds the rate of new construction over the last two years.

Building and remodeling projects sometimes go on for years and the scaffolds seem like a regular part of city life. They are risky structures, however, it is paramount to public safety as well as to the safety of construction workers for them to be sturdy and properly erected and secured. The building industry is once again picking up the pace in New York City, putting even more construction workers out, on and around scaffolds. In heavy winds or cases of poor construction or installation of scaffolding, accident risks have been shown to increase.

Why Hire The Law Office of Richard M. Kenny?

As a former union construction worker, Richard M. Kenny has years of experience representing those who have been injured in scaffolding accidents in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens, New York. With the help of a scaffold injury lawyer, New York construction workers & their families have been awarded millions through injury & wrongful death claims.

Scaffold Accidents Often Lead To Serious Injury

Injuries from a scaffolding collapse can be serious or even deadly. Falls from heights are one of the leading causes of construction worker accidents in New York, resulting in hundreds of injuries each year. Unsafe scaffolding due to improper installation, poor quality materials, or inadequate inspection can cause the platform to collapse, putting workers at great risk of harm.

According to the federal statistics, 35 percent of on-the-job fatalities in the construction industry is attributed to a fall, trip, or slip. Falling from a temporary structure can cause serious personal injuries, such as spinal cord injuries (paralysis), internal organ damage, fractures (broken bones), severe lacerations (deep cuts), and traumatic brain injury (TBI).

New York State Labor Laws Regarding Scaffold Injury Accidents

New York Labor Law provides injured construction workers with several legal avenues to pursue financial compensation for injuries resulting from a scaffold accident. Special labor laws in New York City hold building owners responsible for the safety of scaffolding. When a construction worker is injured due to the collapse or malfunction of scaffolding, that worker has the opportunity to sue the building owner and possibly his or her employer. These lawsuits will be in addition to a separate workers’ compensation claim.

Labor Law Section 240

Section 240 of New York Labor Law requires all contractors and owners in the “erection, demolition, repairing, altering, painting, cleaning or pointing of a building” to furnish and maintain scaffolding to give proper protection to the person performing such work. This statute was designed to protect workers from special hazards presented by scaffolds, ladders, lift devices, and other gravity-related mechanisms. The violation of Section 240 imposes absolute liability, meaning, a workers’ comparative negligence is not acceptable or valid as evidence in a court of law.

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As a former construction worker, Richard M. Kenny has extensive knowledge of job-site operations and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the task of maximizing outcomes on behalf of workers injured on construction sites. For a free evaluation of your injury claim or wrongful death claim after a construction site injury involving a scaffold accident, please complete our contact form or call (212) 421-0300. After discussing your claim with one of our New York City scaffold accident lawyers we will answer any questions you may have, and provide you with your legal options to pursue the maximum available compensation for your injuries.

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