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New York City Injured Ironworkers Lawyer

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Injured Ironworker Lawyer in NYC

Ironworkers are some of the most unsung heroes of our city. We live, work, and play in buildings and subways built by ironworkers. We New York City residents owe them a great deal. If you are an injured ironworker looking for an attorney to advise you after an accident, you have our respect. We know ironworkers tend to work at great heights, often in horrible conditions. Were you injured during rainy, snowy, icy, windy, or extra-hot weather conditions? You owe it to yourself and your family to seek the advice and help of an attorney with a strong track record.

Falls From Heights, Falling Debris Accidents, Crush Injuries Result In Many Catastrophic Construction Site Injuries

Attorney Richard M. Kenny has championed the cause of compensation for injured workers and private individuals for 25 years. As a former member of a laborers’ union, he went through law school nights while working construction each day. He brings firsthand knowledge of construction site hazards to the table when representing injured workers.

The Law Office of Richard M. Kenny is a valuable resource for you now if you or a family member suffered a workplace injury as an ironworker. Did you suffer a serious or catastrophic injury? You may realize that workers’ compensation alone is not likely to be sufficient to meet your financial needs. Our legal team is ready to do what we can to secure compensation appropriate for your losses.

Defective Or Missing Safety Gear = An Ironworker’s Employer’s Negligence Or A Third-Party Liability Claim

The building owner and your employer are both potentially liable after an ironworker accident. Above and beyond workers’ compensation, we may be able to obtain further compensation for you if:

  • Your employer or supervisor did not provide proper safety equipment or did not enforce the use of it.
  • Safety netting was not in place.
  • Ladders or scaffolding were defective.
  • Tools or equipment were defective.
  • A third party other than your employer committed an error that resulted in your accident.

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Our years of experience can be on your side if you select The Law Office of Richard M. Kenny to represent you after you have suffered injuries in an ironworker accident or any type of construction accident. Call (212) 421-0300 to schedule a free initial consultation with a New York ironworkers’ accident lawyer.

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