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New York City Falling Object Injury Lawyer

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Falling Object Liability Lawyer in NYC

Building owners and contractors are responsible for safety around scaffolds. They should prevent site debris accidents through the use of safety nets and the enforcement of hardhat-wearing rules.

Workers hit by falling debris in New York City are encouraged to contact our law firm for advice and representation. The Law Office of Richard M. Kenny is well-suited to evaluate your case and prepare to file any of the following that applies in your case: a workers’ compensation claim, a third-party liability claim or a lawsuit against a building owner or employer.

Experienced construction accident lawyer Richard M. Kenny is a former member of a laborers’ union who earned his law degree at night while working construction by day. He has firsthand knowledge of the dangerous construction sites where hard-working laborers put their lives on the line every day.

A Noteworthy Freak Accident Involving A Falling Object In A Construction Zone

Late in 2014, a freak construction accident involving a falling object caught the attention of many news media outlets. It happened in New Jersey, not New York — but the circumstances could exist anywhere tall buildings and construction activity coincide. In this tragic accident, one construction worker, laboring on the 50th floor of a high-rise, accidentally dropped his tape measure weighing one pound. He was wearing a hard hat.

On the ground, another construction worker had arrived in a truck to deliver something to the job site. Right as he stepped out of his truck, the tape measure ricocheted off a steel beam and struck him in the head. He was not wearing a hard hat. He went into cardiac arrest and died soon thereafter.

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Construction Site Injuries

This sad precautionary tale underscores the risks involved at construction sites around tall buildings. Falling objects and debris can and do kill people. Sometimes the falling object is a piece of plywood or a heavier tool. Sometimes a worker is injured but not killed. Injuries can be very serious, including neck injuries and traumatic brain injuries.

As a former union construction worker, attorney Richard M. Kenny is well-qualified to handle injury claims and lawsuits in construction accident cases. For information about ways to maximize your case’s chances of success, contact the law firm.

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