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“Mr. R. Kenny, Thank you for all your help and knowledge, you had great advise in the interest of my case. You were very professional and were able to work around my hours and emails with endless questions. Your receptionist was always kind and helpful. Thank you.”

M. Letz

“I really don’t know how to thank you Mr. Kenny or your firm for all you did for my family. After losing my father in the fire, we never thought that we would emotionally or financially be able to recover. While we still grieve the loss of our beloved Poppy, you and your firm’s excellent work in obtaining my Mother money to compensate her for this tragic loss, will never be forgotten. I have told all of my family and friends about what you have done for us from the day you met us until the day you personally came to the house to deliver the check to my mother. No other lawyer would have shown the compassion and care that you did for us. Mucho gracias mi agigo”.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your hard work in resolving my parents case. Being that they are over 80 years old , and not in the best of health, it was comforting to know that you fought for them as if they were your own family. They were not in a position to protect themselves from all that was going on around them after the car accident, and so I would like to pass along my gratitude for helping them through this ordeal. My mother has a long road of therapy ahead of her, but the money that you were able to recover will help her to obtain those services needed to recover completely. Thank you.”

John M.

“Richard represented me and my wife in a legal matter several years ago. I would recommend Richard and his staff to anyone in need of an honest, compassionate, and competent attorney. Richard and his staff made our experience a pleasant and comfortable time because of their helpful and professional services.”

A Personal Injury Client

“We were referred to Rich through a friend. Truthfully, we put off calling for weeks due to already feeling defeated by being turned down by another law firm. We didn’t think a positive outcome to our case would even be possible after hearing what the other firm had to say. Little did we know calling Rich and his amazing team would be one of the smartest things we ever did. Rich & Jim left no stone unturned and were reachable at a moment’s notice to answer any questions we had and to ease our minds when needed. They were always positive, informative and honest–very important character traits when dealing with a situation like this. Rich & Jim are total professionals who truly care about their client’s well-being and make you feel like family. We will be forever grateful for their hard work, perseverance and most of all friendship and would HIGHLY recommend their work to anyone in need of a personal injury firm.”

A Personal Injury Client

“Rich Kenny is a tremendously talented attorney with a knowledge base that is not limited to Personal Injury issues but expands to include expertise in a variety of legal matters. He was very responsive to me with regard to any matters during my case. I would definitely be interested in having Rich represent myself, my clients or my family regarding any legal matters that I may encounter in the future.”

Chris R.

“Richard Kenny is extremely professional and understands how the court system works. One of the best trial litigators in the city. If you’ve suffered a personal injury because of somebody’s neglect and want to know whether you should pursue it, give his office a call and speak to somebody who has the experience to help you.”


“Mr. Kenny and his staff are great to work with. They are quick to respond to any question or concerns about their clients medical care. They make each client feel valued and important. From the health care practitioner side, they make treating their clients easy. I can always count on the paperwork etc being available and accurate.”

Michael C.

“The professionalism, compassion and attention to detail that Rich Kenny and his firm provided in the handling of my case were nothing short of extraordinary. Rich was able to secure a favorable outcome to a case other attorneys thought was a lost cause – I cannot thank him enough. I would enthusiastically recommend The Law Office of Richard M. Kenny to friends and family alike.

Kevin D.

“Richard Kenny was extremely helpful in my personal injury case last year. He was a joy to work with and his ability to work through the case on behalf of his clients is nothing short of phenomenal.”

Rebecca R.

“Richard Kenny is a fantastic attorney! His legal knowledge, combined with his dynamic courtroom presence, is a rare combination. I wholeheartedly recommend Rich to anyone looking for legal counsel.”

Bryan H.

“Richard Kenny, Esq., is one of the best trial attorneys in the City of New York. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him and his office on numerous cases over the years and they handle their clients with the utmost respect and integrity and their cases with impeccable professionalism.”

Michael M.

“Mr. Kenny, his associates and his staff are not only excellent in litigating a case but are also excellent people who treat their clients with the utmost respect and compassion. I strongly recommend anyone in need of counsel to contact them.”

Jason B.

“Would advise not to give a second thought when it comes to choosing Richard Kenny to represent you, very thorough and professional from start to finish. Call him.”

Cliff M.

“Rich Kenny is someone we in the business refer to as a “lawyers’ lawyer” — he is someone other attorneys go to when they have a question or need advice. He is very knowledgeable about the law, cares about his clients, and is a tremendous trial attorney.”

Michael A.

“Rich Kenny is an extremely capable and compassionate attorney who not only works hard to maximize the outcome of a case for his client but who also goes the extra mile to make sure his client is taken care of after the resolution of a case.”

Mitch K.

“Reviews remind me of steak houses, art exhibits and Broadway shows. The following is a recap of events related to a client of my firm. I was asked to look into a matter concerning an employment-related situation. I know very little about this type of situation and I could not refer it to the firm I share space with due to a conflict. I knew Rich Kenny’s area of the law was not specific to employment but not knowing anyone else I called Rich. He not only talked to my client, he explained her rights and then referred her to an attorney who could and did help her. When offered a fee he declined. Rich Kenny believes in the law, believes in people’s rights and will defend those rights.”

Nicholas C.

“Rich came to my aid during a tough time in my life. He handled my divorce as a personal favor to me and I will always be forever grateful.”

Steven F.

“Top lawyer in the city, hands down. Hard-working and courteous firm who go above and beyond the call of duty. Thank You!”

Kevin R.

“The Attorneys at “The Law Firm of Richard M. Kenny” not only have the necessary professional skills to solve their clients particular cases but are also caring and committed…I definitely recommend them to any potential plaintiff on personal injury matters.”

Mario D.

“Richard M. Kenny is the best lawyer in all of New York City. He does so much on behalf of each and every one of his clients and deeply cares about getting them everything they deserve and more. You cannot find a better personal injury litigator in all of New York.”

Caroline K.

“This is a great law firm with knowledgeable attorneys and caring staff. I would recommend this firm for any potential plaintiff who seeks compensation for his or her injuries.”

Pouyan D.

“I am back because like I said, there are not enough words that can express how thankful I am. I am proud Richard Kenny is my attorney and what a kind, great generous man, who is honest, caring, sincere, a hard worker, who is sincerely dedicated to his clients. The group that works with Mr. Kenny: Louise, Yesenia, Cynthia, Mr. Lundy and Mr. Bleecker. Mr. Bleecker, in such a short time I had the privileged to know this man, who is sincerely kind and honorable man who gave me so much in the short time I’ve been blessed to know.

I had the privilege to have these fine people on my side who worked hard for me, who cared for me; they were there for me in every step of the way.

I thank you again from my heart and always know you all are in my prayers…. God Speed”

A Personal Injury Client

“I just wanted to reach out and thank you, Louise and Jim for all you did for me these past few years. I know that you have been suffering from the same back condition that forced me from the job that I loved so very much, but in your absence Jim and Louise constantly kept me updated on the status of my case and held my hand through a difficult time. Your office treated me like a member of the family and constantly invited me in to sit down and be updated on the status of this very complicated case that started in one county in 2005 and ended up in another in 2012. I’m aware that your office beat several motions intended to dismiss my case and that you and Mr. Lundy were able to negotiate a substantial settlement on my behalf when you defeated their last motion.

Despite all of the delays and roadblocks the defendants threw at your office, you and your staff were able to stave them off and see that I was properly compensated for my injuries and for losing my job. I loved being a member or the NYFD; you recognized and appreciated this and conveyed this loss to the defendants.

I’m very fortunate to have had someone who understands that being a firefighter is more than simply a job – it’s a brotherhood that I was deprived of remaining a member of because of the building owner’s negligence. I don’t think many other lawyers would have understood this loss.

Thank you, Rich. I will ensure that if any of my “brothers” ever encounter difficult times while performing their duties, they turn to you as I know you won’t let them down.”

A Personal Injury Client

“I cannot thank you enough for all you’ve done for me…from all our meetings to court preparation and settlement to now, a few years later waiting for finalize the lien. You truly helped me through a difficult time! You and your team have been nothing short of wonderful! I am forever grateful! Wishing you continued success in your practice. Thank you again for everything!”

A Personal Injury Client

“I would like to thank you, James and your entire staff for all the hard work you have done for me. The process was long as you said it would be but very much worth the wait. You and James always answered any questions or concerns I had and I was always kept up to date about my case by you or your team. You made me feel that my case was always of the utmost of importance to you and your team as well. When the insurance company did not follow the recommendation of their lawyer to settle the case you took the time to go the extra step and did a very thorough investigation in my case that I’m not sure would have been done by someone else. This extra step turned out to be the turning point in my case, which then led to a quick settlement and for that I thank you deeply. I will recommend your Law Firm to friends and family if there ever comes a time when they may need your help.”

A Personal Injury Client

“My wife and I cannot thank you and your staff enough for the professional help we received during the long and tedious process of litigation. I would recommend you and your law firm to anyone involved in a lawsuit. Please let me know if I can ever provide your firm with a testimonial or any other recommendation. Thanks again for all of your help!”

A Personal Injury Client

“I am writing to you to express my family’s gratitude for the tremendous job that your office performed on my father’s behalf. During the course of the three years that your office represented my father, we were constantly updated on the status of the case and were invited to come in to the office to meet with you, Mr. Lundy, and your staff. In that regard, we always felt welcome and left your office knowing that our father’s case was in very capable hands. While I recognize that we at times needed to have our hand held, and that we were in need of constant reassurances, neither you nor anyone in your office ever made us feel unwelcome. We were always led to believe that we were important clients to your office and that your office would do everything possible on our father’s behalf to ensure that he received justice. While this may sound odd, knowing that you too suffer from back ailments that cause you to suffer from episodic bouts of pain and disability, just as my father does, made us recognize that the empathy you showed my Father was real and genuine. Your ability to “relate to his complaints”, and reassure him that your office would do everything possible on his behalf, eased his anxiety as we went through this arduous process.”

A Personal Injury Client

“During the course of this litigation, the insurance company took a very strident view of the case and never offered a dime. They relied on Doctor’s who performed examinations that were less than five minutes who then opined that my Father was suffering from a pre-existing condition, despite the fact that he had never suffered a back injury or seen any doctor of any type for any back issue in his 53 years on this planet before this accident. They also relied on video footage of him taken during their multiple surveillances of him and tried to make him sound as if he was a malingering foreigner feigning his symptoms in an effort to take advantage of the system. When this matter went before the Court, Mr. Lundy was able to convincingly demonstrate the flaws in the defense of this case and obtain a very fair offer of settlement for my Father. Words cannot express the enormous gratitude that my family has for all your office did for my father. While the amount obtained on his behalf will never fully compensate him for what he was forced to endure, we are forever grateful. You will always be in our prayers and thoughts Mr. Kenny.”

A Personal Injury Client

“Mr. Richard Kenny took on what I thought would be an easy case, but proved to be quite extensive and exhausting. He and staff listened to me and what I was up against. Communication was always available, always open, and was responsive to all of my questions. When I thought I was up against a wall, they were there. Mr. Kenny stood up to the insurance company for and with me and prevailed in the end. If I ever need legal counsel in the future, I will never hesitate to retain him again.”


“Dear Rich, I am writing to thank you and your firm for representing us in a suit very important to us. We approached other attorneys who would not listen to us until we were finally recommended to you. You listened to our concerns and delivered superior results. We cannot thank you enough. I can recommend your firm with a great deal of confidence. Thank you again.”


“Mr. Richard Kenny, I would like to thank you and your associates for the professional way that you handled my case. Every question I asked was answered very fast if not the moment I called. If I asked to speak with you I was put through to you and you treated me as if I was your only client. The settlement I received through your hard work was very satisfactory and I would and will recommend you and your staff to anyone I know that could use your help. Thank You”


“You have been such a beacon to me and others. You fight the good fight for the underdog. You are so wonderful and much appreciated. It is rare to find a hero these days. That’s why it’s such an honor to know you.”

A Personal Injury Client

“I’d like to commend you and your office on a job well done. I am an NYC firefighter who got injured in a fire 3 years ago due to a floor collapse. After initially deciding not to do anything, a fellow fireman convinced me to call your office and after meeting with you and hearing you explain the rights available to me, I decided to go forward with the claim but all along, I never really thought anything would result from this. I was wrong. Your office handled my case in a manner that far exceeded my expectations and recovered a settlement for me that I never believed possible. I simply wanted to thank you for your hard work and support during the process. If I or any of my friends or family ever need legal advice, you will be the first person I recommend. Thanks again.”

A Personal Injury Client

“Yesterday brought such an unexpected and uplifting surprise – your beautiful letter, along with the six checks, arrived in my mail. I was so moved by your sentiments and generosity of spirit and action… I thank you for your ability to comfort us. I thank you for your grand spirit, generous in thought and action. You are a very special person…”

A Personal Injury Client

“Your integrity, honesty, and courtesy were exceptional, and this made the entire experience much easier. Louise and your staff could not have been more helpful and accommodating.”

A Personal Injury Client

“I am grateful for your knowledge of the law and your diligence in pursuit of a just settlement in my case. When I had occasion to call your office, Louise, your colleague, was able to impart hope as well information, and I am grateful to her too.”

A Personal Injury Client

“I would just like to thank you for helping me in my case. You took valuable time out of your day to prepare and explain to me some of the issues in the case. Your involvement and generosity alleviated much stress on my part, allowing me to focus on my studies. Enough thanks have yet to be given and the purpose of this letter is to convey my gratitude as a college age student with little understanding of the law. Thank you for all your help in my case and early college life; I will remember your goodwill and kindness.”

A Personal Injury Client

“W and I would like to thank you for… your representation. The enclosed brochure outlining services is greatly appreciated. We remain satisfied clients who would not hesitate to recommend your law office. Compliments to the staff that assisted at all times too. Thank you for the best wishes. We too remain very truly yours.”

W & D

“I want to thank you for your professional service, and your staff as well, in the settlement of my accident case. I appreciate your guidance, your attention to detail and assistance in the handling of this process on my behalf. Also, I want to thank Louise for handling all our phone conversations. Wishing you and your family well in the future. Sincerely.”

A Personal Injury Client

“Thank you so much for all you did for us. Please thank everyone in your office who helped on our case. I found Louise very pleasant and helpful on the phone. I think she’s great. God Bless you.”


“We appreciate all you did. It eased our burden and worry and helped us to get through this time… Many, many thanks. Sincerely.”


“I really don’t know how to thank you Mr. Kenny or your firm for all you did for my family. After losing my father in the fire, we never thought that we would emotionally or financially be able to recover. While we still grieve the loss of our beloved Poppy, you and your firm’s excellent work in obtaining my Mother money to compensate her for this tragic loss, will never be forgotten. I have told all of my family and friends about what you have done for us from the day you met us until the day you personally came to the house to deliver the check to my mother. No other lawyer would have shown the compassion and care that you did for us. Mucho gracias mi agigo”.

A Personal Injury Client


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