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Dangerous Drugs And Medical Devices

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Why You Need A New York City Product Liability Lawyer

Since the year 2000, approximately 300 dangerous drugs have been recalled from the market due to injuries sustained by the users. Medical devices such as certain hip implants, transvaginal surgical mesh and steroid injections have been found as causes of severe injury and even death. In such cases, the victim of a defective medical device must take immediate legal action by involving a New York City personal injury attorney from The Law Office of Richard M. Kenny. With a product liability lawyer from our firm on your side, you can take the appropriate legal action for recovering damages.

Defects In Medical Technology

Defects in the area of production are similar to those of product liability in general. The result of a defect can differ tremendously in terms of severity because these products are used to improve the health and well-being of the user. Many drugs and medical devices are unavoidably accompanied by the possible risk of side effects. One important element in the FDA’s approval process for a new drug is to determine if the possible benefits of the new drugs are enough to outweigh the possible risk of side effects. In order to make an accurate assessment of this, the FDA needs to be given comprehensive information from the manufacturer. If the report given in the process is incomplete or intentionally evasive, a drug that is known to be dangerous can make it onto the market and harm thousands of patients in a matter of days. It is the responsibility of the drug manufacturer to warn of possible side effects before it is too late.

Another possible cause of drug defects is the inadequacy of the approval process. In recent years, the FDA has suffered obstacles such as budget shortfalls and pressure from outside sources to approve a new drug or device. This can lead the FDA to speed up the process and overlook important warning signs of danger. Defects can also occur in the production process of one or more batches of an already approved drug. This manufacturing mistake is still the fault of the drug manufacturer and any injuries associated with a production defect will be the responsibility of the drug company. Although the reason and cause of injury in drug cases can vary on an individual basis, they are most frequently traced back to an act of negligence on the part of the manufacturer or prescribing doctor.

Contact The Law Office Of Richard M. Kenny

Contacting a New York City product liability attorney can be extremely beneficial for any victim who has suffered from the serious and damaging side effects of a particular medical drug or device. The situation must be investigated to determine whether there was neglect on the part of the manufacturer that led to these injuries. If that is the case, compensation can be sought in order to repay the injured party for having to suffer because of another person’s mistake.

To discuss your case with a member of our legal team and determine if you have grounds for a product liability claim, contact The Law Office of Richard M. Kenny today.

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