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Automobile Product Liability Attorney in NYC

Many injuries related to an automobile collision are not so much due to the actual accident as they are to the way the car responded to the impact. Injuries have occurred on numerous occasions because a defect in the automobile originated from either the design or manufacture of the car being used. Defects involving tires, roofs, radiators, and seat belts can quickly lead to serious injuries and even the death of drivers or passengers involved. Ultimately, the auto manufacturer is held responsible for any defects or injuries that may occur because of the way its product failed to perform.

Defects in an automobile, either by make or model, concern more than just a small group of consumers. If an automobile is found to have a defect in the design or manufacture, a recall of the product is likely to occur. In 2011, 15.5 million automobiles were recalled according to the VIN number because of discovered defects inherent in the model. Automobile defects are taken very seriously because of how directly they can affect the safety of the car being used. Currently, there are several defects that are constantly watched for in new models of automobiles, including:

  • Unintended acceleration: With driving technologies constantly being updated, the risk of a malfunction becomes more and more likely. These instances of unintended acceleration have shown up in new models of popular sports cars and pose an obvious risk for collision and injury.
  • Stability: In the past, a concern for the amount of single-car collisions such as rollovers and roof crushes drew attention to defects in the design of the cars that affected the center of gravity and weakened the stability of a car in making turns at higher speeds. These defects were a particular concern because rollovers and roof crushes are a major cause of serious injury and deaths for automobile drivers.
  • Security: Keeping the occupants in their seats is one of the most important requirements of all automobile manufacturers. The performance of a seat belt, either lacking response to sudden jerks or inexplicably locking in the passenger, can determine the extent and degree of injury they incur in the event of an accident. Airbags, though a more recent addition to security requirements of automobiles, are also a subject of concern. If they fail to perform properly in the event of an accident and the driver or passenger is injured, the manufacturer can be held liable for the failure.
  • Tires: This defect can either be the fault of the manufacturing company or a tire manufacturer. Tire tread separation, sidewall failure, or improper instructions as to the use of the tires can lead to injury and a product liability claim for the auto manufacturer.

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If you or someone you know was injured by the defect of an automobile, you should contact a New York City personal injury lawyer immediately. Auto defects are not only a risk of danger to the occupants of the car but also to the people surrounding it. If a car malfunctions, pedestrians and other drivers are at the risk of an accident with that car.

Any injuries because of a defect should be reported to the manufacturer and legal recompense should be demanded. Because auto manufacturers are large in both size and influence, a claim against them can be difficult to win. That is why you need the help of an experienced and determined personal injury attorney. At The Law Office of Richard M. Kenny, we are dedicated to helping you achieve the compensation you deserve for your injuries. For more information about auto product liability claims or to schedule a free case consultation, call our office today.

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