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Keeping Children Safe Around Toys and Gifts

>Keeping Children Safe Around Toys and Gifts

December is National Safe Toys and Gifts month, and it makes sense because it is the time of year where children are receiving gifts for the holidays. Recently, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has created a thorough toy safety protocol, by requiring testing by independent, third party testing companies and labs around the world; enforcing strict lead limits for toys and games; incorporating some of the most thorough toy standards in the world; and prohibiting violent and/or dangerous toys from entering the stores and before they reach children and their families. This intense protocol continues to ease the minds of parents and caretakers who worry about the safety of their children and the toys they play with each and every day.

There are some safety tips to keep in mind this holiday season as well as all year round when dealing with children and their toys:


Balloons can make for a festive environment, but they also can be a huge choking hazard. Children can choke or suffocate on deflated or broken balloon pieces. Keep deflated balloons away from children younger than eight years old. Discard broken balloons immediately and out of reach from children.

Small parts

Children love to put anything they can find in their mouths, especially when no one is looking. Children younger than age three should avoid toys with small parts, which can cause choking.

Scooters and other riding toys

Riding toys, skateboards and in-line skates go fast, especially when the operator loses control, and falls could be deadly. Helmets and safety gear should be worn properly at all times and they should be sized to fit. There are special helmets desiged for children as well as safer scooters with more precatuionary efforts that are made specifically for younger and smaller people.

The process of opening gifts:

Try to discard plastic wrapping, gift wrap, bubble wrap or other toy packaging before the wrapping and packaging become dangerous play things. Sometimes toys can be boxed in with small pieces, meant to keep the toys working and safe, so try to intercept these before they get to the children.

Keep toys appropriate for older children away from younger siblings. Younger children often want to mimic their older siblings, but it often is not safe and can lead to injuries.

Many children’s toys require batteries or plugs, but children should never touch or manuever the electircal parts of a toy. Let a parent or guardian always take charge when it comes to this.

Lets remember to keep our children safe this holiday season. If you are a parent or guardian who believes that a toy was manufactured wrong, labeled wrong, or caused injury to your child, please call the Law Office of Richard M. Kenny as soon as possible. Our attorneys have over a combined century of experience dealing with cases in and around New York City and we have a wealth of knowledge of and experience with cases dealing with wrongly manufactured products and injuries to children. Call our office today to figure out your next steps.

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