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How Can I Sue a Bad Nursing Home in New York City?

When the time comes for our loved ones to enter a nursing home, we can only expect and hope that the management and staff care for our loved ones as they would their own. Fortunately, New York City has plenty of caring, safe nursing homes. However, bad nursing homes still exist, and if you suspect your loved one is a victim of nursing home negligence or abuse, you must read on and speak with our experienced New York City personal injury attorney to learn more about how our firm can help you.

What defines nursing home negligence?

Nursing homes are legally obligated to care for their patients to the best of their abilities. This means always taking care when dealing with their patient, as well as always listening to them. If they have complaints, they should address them. They are also responsible for providing your loved ones with a clean and safe environment. When nursing homes fail to live up to this expectation, there is a very good chance that nursing home residents can become injured as a result. These incidents almost always warrant medical malpractice lawsuits.

What are signs of abuse that I should look out for?

There are several signs of abuse that may be apparent when you go to visit your loved one. For example, if they develop pressure sores or bedsores from lack of movement/being moved, there is a good chance it happened as a result of negligence. In other instances, you may notice your loved one suddenly becomes withdrawn, or even shows signs of fear when certain aids enter the room. You may also notice frequent, unexplained bruises, constant falls, or unreported falls, infections, malnutrition, and more.

What should I do if I believe nursing home negligence or abuse is happening?

If you suspect your loved one is being neglected or abused, you must gather as much evidence as you can, as well as report the incident to nursing home management. Take pictures of the unsafe conditions or afflictions your loved one endured. That being said, if you feel your loved one is in immediate danger, call 911–they will ensure your loved one is protected, as well as send an ambulance to take your loved one to the hospital for treatment. Finally, it is always best to hire an experienced attorney who can work to gather and present evidence proving the nursing home negligence to win your medical malpractice lawsuit.

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