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Failed pump puts boaters at risk near Ellis Island

Some families in New York beat the summer heat by spending time on boats in New York Harbor and other neighboring bodies of water. Just as with land vehicles, there are laws and guidelines governing boat safety. This extends to the companies that manufacture the vessels, as well, since a simple malfunction has the potential to cause a boating death.

Official reports indicate that a recent boating accident began with a failed bilge pump. Boating traffic, weather conditions and currents in New York Harbor may have put lives in even greater danger after water began to flood the boat carrying six passengers. However, authorities claim that the results could have been worse had the accident occurred in the Hudson River, instead.

According to an eye witness, one of the adults on board attempted to get the pump working again to prevent capsizing, but was apparently unsuccessful. The strength of the wind in the harbor made it impossible to keep the boat upright as it filled, and it overturned, leaving the two adults and four young children in the water. Although the passengers suffered injuries, their lifejackets and the immediate response of nearby rescue workers may have prevented further harm.

Mechanical failures that lead to injury and fatality accidents may be caused by flaws in the design or construction of a boat. When this occurs on a body of water, people are often exposed to increased risks due to capsizing. Anyone who suffers from a boating accident may benefit from the representation of an attorney in holding all responsible parties liable for the damages.

Source: CBS New York, “4 Children, 2 Adults Rescued After Boat Flips Over In New York Harbor,” July 12, 2016

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