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Dangerous Roads Accident Lawyer New York

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Zealous, Determined Advocacy On Behalf Of Those Who Have Suffered Serious Injuries Due To Dangerous Roads in NYC.

When a client of The Law Office of Richard M. Kenny has been injured in a motor vehicle accident, a prompt and thorough investigation is essential. As our law firm investigates the facts and circumstances of a crash, we leave no stone unturned.

We never assume the cause of a car or truck accident was strictly another motorist’s traffic violation. Another, more elusive cause, may have contributed to the accident. For example, untrimmed foliage may have reduced visibility. A defective road design, such as a poorly angled curve, may have triggered problematic traffic flow or resulted in improper drainage. Faulty road maintenance or defective signage may have resulted in the car crash that injured our client.

When our car accident lawyers analyze all the evidence, we may determine that negligence by one of the following caused or contributed to our client’s injuries:

  • A roadway engineer
  • A road, overpass or bridge inspector
  • A highway maintenance company
  • A government entity responsible for the street, road or highway: a municipality, a county, the state or the federal government

Any Location That Is The Site Of Multiple Prior Accidents Should Receive An Engineering Analysis

We keep in mind that roads and highways that were safe in the past may not be safe for today’s traffic patterns and vehicle weights. A government body may be responsible for failing to update a roadway to meet the needs of current motorists. Sometimes, a review of past accident reports reveals that significant numbers of similar crashes occurred previously, but a government agency neglected to undertake a study and plan to remedy road defects. In other cases, studies have been done — and ignored.

As we prepare to file an injury claim or lawsuit on behalf of an injured client, we diligently document the facts that we uncover. Our goal is to hold all negligent parties responsible and recover appropriate compensation for our injured client. Another driver may have been at fault, as well as a person or entity in charge of building, inspecting, monitoring, and repairing roads designed to be used by the general public.

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