For many people, dogs are considered a member of the family just like humans are. New Yorkers love their dogs so much that they put significant amounts of time into training their dog to be well behaved. However, when a dog does not receive the appropriate behavior training, they may have aggressive tendencies. In some cases, an unruly dog may act out and bite another person, which can result in very serious injuries.

If an injured party wishes to bring an injury case against the dog’s owner, they will have to prove that the dog was prone to aggressive behavior. In addition, the victim must show that the dog’s owner knew that the dog was vicious but failed to take the precautions necessary to prevent an attack. If the victim is able to prove these factors, the dog’s owner may be held responsible only for the medical costs of the attack, according to New York State’s Agriculture & Markets Law §121.10. These cases are often very difficult because the injured party has to show that the owner of the dog knew or should have known about the dog’s vicious propensity.

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