Just because an individual can no longer live on their own and has to move into a nursing care facility and may lose some of their independence does not mean that they are any less of an individual. Nursing home residents need to be aware of their rights and make sure that they are not abused or neglected. It is also important that the loved ones of the resident stand up against abuse or neglect on behalf of the resident if they suspect any wrongdoings.

Nursing home residents are entitled to have visitors, keep and use their personal possessions, have equal treatment regardless of whether they receive government assistance, and more. Some of their other rights include:

  • the right to refuse treatment
  • the right to voice grievances in an effort to have them resolved
  • the right to have all of the information regarding their treatment plan
  • the right to choose their physician
  • the right to participate in activities with other residents
  • the right to privacy during treatment, visits, and otherwise

Of course, those are only a few of many rights. If the nursing care facility mentally or physically abuses a resident, they should be held responsible. If you have questions about nursing home negligence, contact our firm today.

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