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How to Recover Compensation After an Airbnb Accident in New York

Though Airbnb has become a trusted, cost-effective means of finding safe, cozy places to stay while on vacation, the truth is, accidents still happen. If you are someone who was recently injured in an Airbnb accident, please read on and reach out to our experienced New York personal injury attorneys to learn more about the legal process going forward. Here are some of the questions you may have about Airbnb accidents:

What are some of the most common causes of Airbnb accidents?

Airbnb accidents can happen for a variety of reasons, but they most often occur as a result of negligence. When landlords or hosts fail to ensure their property is safe and you are injured, you will most likely have a valid premises liability lawsuit on your hands. Some of the most common causes of Airbnb accidents can include faulty staircases, poor lighting, dangerous parking lots, damaged flooring, and more.

What is Airbnb’s Host Protection Insurance?

Since accidents do happen, Airbnb provides its hosts and landlords with insurance coverage of up to $1 million. This means that if you were injured in an Airbnb accident, Airbnb will cover up to $1 million of the damages, instead of the money coming directly out of the host’s pocket. That being said, there are several situations that Airbnb does not cover, including accidents sustained due to intoxication, contractual liability, diseases contracted on the premises, injuries sustained due to an intentional act of violence or otherwise, and lost wages due to inability to return to work after sustaining an injury.

Am I eligible for compensation after an accident?

Unfortunately, there are times where injuries are so serious that they require one or more surgeries, as well as significant hospital bills. When this happens, you may need to go beyond the $1 million in coverage and sue the host him/herself. You cannot do this without the assistance of an experienced attorney. The sooner you bring your claim to our firm’s attention the better, as there is a time limit for how long individuals can sue others for injuries. Generally, the statute of limitations in New York State is three years. If you wait any longer than three years to sue, you will most likely be denied your right to compensation.

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