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How to Prepare for Your Consultation with a Personal Injury Attorney

>How to Prepare for Your Consultation with a Personal Injury Attorney

Seeking prompt medical care is the first step toward building a strong personal injury claim. The second is calling an attorney. Consulting a well-credentialed personal injury lawyer as soon as possible is beneficial in the following ways: 

  • Allows you to focus on your health while your claim proceeds in good hands;
  • Prevents you from making major mistakes early on that could jeopardize your chances of recovering a fair settlement; 
  • Ensures you don’t miss any critical filing delays; and
  • Gives your legal team the opportunity to gather time-sensitive evidence while it’s still available.

To ensure your first meeting with a personal injury lawyer is as productive as possible, you can prepare for it by:

  • Writing down everything you remember about the incident in question;
  • Gathering any evidence you’ve already obtained such as the police report or photographs of the scene;
  • Compiling any receipts, records, invoices, or statements that correspond to the damages you’ve incurred;
  • Gathering any relevant insurance policies of your own;
  • Obtaining a copy of your medical records;
  • Starting a personal injury journal and using it to detail your recovery; and
  • Collecting all correspondence you’ve had with the opposing party or insurance company. 

It is also wise to consider your answers to the questions your personal injury attorney will likely ask. While the specific questions will depend on the facts of your case, they might include some combination of the following:

  • Did police respond to the scene? If so, did they administer any chemical tests or make any arrests?
  • If the accident happened at a business establishment, did you obtain a copy of the incident report?
  • Were there any eyewitnesses? If so, did you write down their names and phone numbers?
  • Have you talked to an insurance adjuster yet? If so, did you provide any recorded statements?
  • What were you doing in the moments leading up to the accident? Could the opposing party argue that you were partially at fault?
  • Did you receive medical attention at the scene?
  • Did you follow up with a doctor after leaving the scene?
  • How severe are your injuries? Has your doctor told you how long it may take to reach maximum medical improvement?
  • Are you currently employed? If so, how much work have you missed because of the injuries?
  • Has anyone else in your household had to miss work because of your injuries?
  • How are the injuries affecting you psychologically? Have they impacted your quality of life in a negative way? For example, are you unable to be intimate with your partner or to participate in favorite hobbies and pastimes?
  • Have you or your loved ones posted anything about the incident or your recovery on social media?

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