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Drivers: Stay Cautious of Black Ice

As we have just experienced a significant winter weather event, New Yorkers should make themselves aware of the dangers that we can’t see. Black ice is not easily seen because it is very thin and blends in on roadways and sidewalks. This is one of the biggest dangers plaguing New Yorkers because pedestrians and drivers can easily lose control after slipping on black ice. This is especially important to be aware of now because the temperatures are rising but there is still snow on the ground. When the snow melts during the day and freezes again overnight, drivers might have dangerous commutes the next morning.

If your car begins to slip on black ice, it is important to keep calm and do a few things that can help you prevent a major accident. Make sure not to start swerving if you feel your car slip on ice. If you don’t keep the steering wheel straight, your car might actually slide more and you can easily lose control, resulting in a significant accident. Another important thing to note about driving on black ice is that you should not brake. If you do, your vehicle can start sliding uncontrollably. However, you should take your foot off of the accelerator because that is the safe way to reduce your speed.

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