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5 Most Common Causes of Traumatic Brain Injury

If you don’t participate in extreme sports or work with explosive blasts, sustaining a traumatic brain injury (TBI) is probably low on your list of worries. At the end of the day, though, everyone’s vulnerable to brain damage following a powerful blow to the head—and anyone can experience such a blow on any given day. 

Read on to learn about the most common causes of traumatic brain injury in the United States:

  1. Falls

According to the Mayo Clinic, falls are the single leading cause of traumatic brain injury. While the specific figures vary from year to year—in 2014, for example, falls accounted for nearly half of all TBI-related visits to the emergency department among people of all ages—seniors and young children are always more likely to suffer brain damage in the event of a fall. 


  1. Motor-Vehicle Collisions 

It probably comes as no surprise that traffic accidents cause a considerable number of traumatic brain injuries annually. Motorcyclists are especially vulnerable to TBI in the event of a wreck. Even when wearing one of the top-rated motorcycle helmets, riders are still susceptible to the force of impact. 

  1. Physical Violence 

Domestic violence, child abuse, assault and battery, and other kinds of physical altercations are a leading cause of TBI. For example, shaken baby syndrome refers to the traumatic brain injury that infants can sustain when shaken violently. Head injuries that result from gunshot wounds are also responsible for a high number of TBIs every year.  

  1. Sporting Accidents 

Both extreme sports like base-jumping and contact sports like football contribute to serious head injuries. Even with sufficient safety gear, you’re assuming a certain amount of risk when you participate in recreational activities that have the potential to be high impact. 

  1. Explosive Blasts

Although the average person is not exposed to explosive blasts on a regular basis, these scenarios are a leading cause of TBI among military personnel in combat scenarios. Unlike the other causes listed here, though, researchers are unsure exactly how explosions lead to brain damage. 

They suspect the shockwave of the blast disrupts cognitive functioning, but more research must be done to confirm this theory. If flying debris penetrates the skull during the blast, this too can cause a traumatic brain injury. 

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