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Types of Product Defects

>Types of Product Defects

Many people believe that when they purchase a product, it is safe for use as long as they are using it correctly. There are often unfortunate situations in which someone during the production of the product is negligent but the product somehow makes it onto shelves and reaches consumers. When there is a defect in a product, consumers can become seriously injured. There are three types of product defects that may cause consumer injuries.

  1. Design defects: when someone fails to account for safety during the design and testing phase of creating a product but it is not found until a consumer becomes injured, the design party may be held accountable
  2. Manufacturer defects: if everything was safe about the design of the product but a manufacturer failed to follow the approved plans, they may be held liable if a consumer becomes injured
  3. Labeling defects: there may be situations where the design and manufacturing of the product are completely safe but the company fails to provide adequate instructions on how to safely use the product or fails to warn about potential dangers, it can cause a consumer to become injured

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