The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration releases annual information regarding fatalities caused by motor vehicle accidents. Time and time again, many of those fatalities are caused by commercial trucking accidents. These accidents are very, very serious and often result in life-changing injuries or death. If the accident involves a large truck and a smaller, passenger vehicle, the individuals in the passenger vehicle are put at high risk for injury.

There are many different factors that go into trucking accidents, mainly because these are such complicated vehicles to operate. In addition, truck drivers are required to drive for very long hours under the pressure of having a delivery made on time. Despite the fact that there are both state and federal regulations regarding how long a truck driver is permitted to drive without resting, these guidelines are often broken. The New York State DMV listed the most common causes of truck accidents as:

  • 19.4 percent – distracted driving
  • 13.2 percent – driving behind another vehicle too closely without adequate time to stop
  • 11.2 percent – failure to yield when someone has the right of way
  • 10 percent – improper passing
  • 9 percent – unsafe lane changes
  • Other causes include: drowsy driving, defective truck equipment, and reckless driving

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