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Large Scale Recall on Inhalers

>Large Scale Recall on Inhalers

Asthma is a huge problem in the US! The respiratory problem has continued to grow in recent decades and many studies state that over 25 million people in the US are afflicted with the condition! One way to treat Asthma is with an inhaler. Many people carry an inhaler with them everywhere they go, as a precaution, because in some cases, having an inhaler on hand is the difference between life or death for an Asthma patient.

In April of 2017, a large manufacturer of inhalers, GlaxoSmithKline, issued a recall of more than 590,000 inhalers across the world, many in the US. The products being recalled were various models of inhalers that use the bronchodilator, Ventolin.  The Great Britain based company was obligated to recall the products after they received many complaints of leakage which led to concerns of how much Ventolin would deliver. If the inhalers were leaking, they may produce lower dosages than indicated or required to their users.

Luckily no injuries or illnesses have been reported as a result of this product defect and consequently, as of now patients are not being required to return their inhalers yet.  However, the manufacturer is requesting that the recalled products are removed from pharmacies, hospitals, wholesalers and retailers while further investigation is conducted on the defects. If you or someone you know uses Ventolin inhalers, make sure that you stay updated with the recall news and makes sure that your products are inhaler is working properly. An ineffective inhaler can be the difference between life and death!


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