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CDC Study: Some Antidepressants Linked To Birth Defects

In some cases, Paxil and Prozac doubled or tripled the risk of certain birth defects. This article discusses a comprehensive study linking Paxil and Prozac to an increased risk of birth defects. Whether antidepressants cause an increased risk of birth defects is a debate that has been around for years. Much of the research on [...]

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Identifying 3 Common Signs Of Nursing Home Abuse In NY

New York received an F grade in nursing home care, highlighting the importance of being able to identify the signs of nursing home abuse. When people admit their loved ones into a New York nursing home, they expect that their family members will be given the best of care. Sadly, nursing home abuse is a [...]

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Are You Prepared For A Car Accident?

To avoid unnecessary complications, drivers should take measures to protect themselves before a car accident happens. A car accident in New York often happens when people are least expecting it to. Distracted driving, speeding, running a red light, drunk driving or reckless driving are risks that people have to face every day and these behaviors [...]

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New York City Tackles Truck Accidents

Accidents involving large trucks are getting a closer look by both the federal and city governments. The goal is to improve safety for all New Yorkers. Large trucks and other commercial vehicles on the streets of New York are just one of many concerns for local residents. Vision Zero has made headway in improving pedestrian [...]

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How Has New York’s Construction Boom Affected Workers?

The recent construction boom in New York City has led to increased accidents on worksites. Many have been fatal and the result of safety violations. Residents of New York City have been aware of a dramatic increase in construction across the city for some time. While construction is necessary to provide places to live, work [...]

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New York Aims To Track Handheld Phone Use In Accidents

New York is leading the way in the fight against distracted driving by pushing forward on a law that would empower officers to use a textalyzer device. Despite clear laws that ban handheld use of mobile phones while driving, all too many people in New York regularly see other drivers texting or using phones without [...]

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Study: Autism May Be Linked To Certain Types Of Birth Injury

A recent study has shown that autism appears to have strong links with birth injury. Autism is a type of brain disorder that develops in early childhood. Many families in New York deal with the stresses involved with raising autistic children. The organization, Autism Speaks, states that it is usually between the ages of 2 [...]

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Study: Cognitive Distractions Pose Serious Risk For Drivers

Based on the findings of a AAA study, cognitive distractions may cause significant impairments for drivers, and may lead to auto accidents. People face a number of distractions when they are behind the wheel in New York and elsewhere. These may include eating and drinking, talking on a cellphone, checking on their children or listening [...]

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