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4 Social Media Mistakes That Can Impact Car Accident Claims

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4 Social Media Mistakes That Can Impact Car Accident Claims

It goes without saying that a sudden injury or death in the family is a traumatic experience. Reaching out to loved ones for empathy and support may help to mitigate the depression and worry that tend to accompany such a tragic event; however, if you use social media to do so, your posts might become evidence to dispute your claim, which could ultimately cause your claim to be denied or reduced in value. Let’s explore some of the more common social media mistakes that people make in the aftermath of car accidents: 

  1. Posting Photographs of the Scene 

While it’s important to record the scene by photographing the wreckage from all angles, you should not publish these images online. Doing so will leave them open to interpretation by all who happen to come across them—which may include the defendant or insurance adjuster. Depending on the circumstances, certain interpretations could lead to a dispute. For example, the insurer might say that the property damage or positions of vehicles contradict your prior statements or the content of the police report. Rather than take the risk, give any such photos to your legal team for analysis. 

  1. Updating Friends & Followers About Your Recovery

Your friends and followers will undoubtedly want to know about your injury and how your recovery is progressing. Since there’s no way to contain anything you post once you hit “publish,” it’s wise to avoid posting updates about your condition on social media. 

Even if you change your privacy settings, it may still be possible for non-connections to access your posts. For this reason, it’s best to inform others of your condition either in person or over the phone. 

  1. Accepting Connection Requests from Strangers

As long as your case is pending, don’t accept friend or connection requests from people whom you do not recognize. The owner of the account may be working for the insurance company or affiliated with the liable party and simply want to gain access to your personal posts, photos, and videos. 

  1. Asking for Medical or Legal Advice 

Even seemingly innocuous requests such as recommendations for local chiropractors could end up hurting your case. If you seek medical advice, the insurance adjuster might try to argue that you’re ignoring your doctor’s orders. And if you seek legal advice, your posts may provide insight into potential weaknesses of your case that can be exploited by the opposing party. 

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