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3 FAQs About Truck Accidents Caused by Fatigue

>3 FAQs About Truck Accidents Caused by Fatigue

The dangers of getting behind the wheel while under the influence of drugs or alcohol are obvious, but people rarely consider themselves unable to drive if they are sleep deprived. In reality, though, drowsy driving can be just as risky as drunk driving.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, lack of sleep has similar effects on the body as alcohol. If you have been awake for 18 consecutive hours, for example, your reaction times are similar to those of someone who has a blood alcohol concentration of 0.05. If you have been awake for 24 hours straight, it is like driving with a BAC of 0.10, which is above the legal limit of 0.08 in the state of New York.

It is dangerous for anyone to get behind the wheel while sleep deprived, but it is especially risky for truckers because they can cause considerably more damage than passenger-vehicle motorists in the event of a collision. If you were hurt in an 18-wheeler crash caused by fatigue, turn to the New York City truck accident attorneys at The Law Office of Richard M. Kenny.

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  1. How Will My Attorney Prove That Drowsy Driving Contributed to the Collision?

There are various ways to prove that a motorist fell asleep while behind the wheel. Doing so in truck accident cases can actually be easier than in claims involving other kinds of vehicles because big rigs typically have event data recorders, or “black boxes.”

These devices record various details regarding the operation of the vehicle and will reveal what happened in the seconds before the wreck. If the black box data indicates that the driver failed to swerve out of the way or apply the brakes at all, it could be proof that he or she fell asleep at the wheel. Toll booth receipts, driving logs, GPS records, cell phone records, and eyewitness testimony can also help prove the trucker had been on the road for far too long without taking a break.

  1. What Kinds of Damages Might Be Recoverable?

If you were hurt in a collision with a fatigued commercial driver, you may be able to recover compensation for:

  • Hospital bills;
  • Future medical expenses;
  • Home modifications;
  • Lost income;
  • Loss of earning capacity;
  • Disfigurement;
  • Emotional distress;
  • Pain and suffering;
  • Loss of consortium;
  • Loss of enjoyment in life; and
  • Permanent disability.
  1. How Soon After a Crash with a Drowsy Trucker Should I Call an Attorney?

Your health should be the main priority following a serious accident, but once you feel well enough to discuss the wreck, you should call a personal injury lawyer. Much of the evidence that can ultimately prove liability in truck accidents is time sensitive—or vulnerable to being altered or destroyed—so it is essential to start building your claim as soon as possible.

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