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More Than $100 Million Recovered

OVER $25 Million won for first responders who suffered injuries responding to the 9/11 catastrophe.

$13 Million settlement for a roadway design case in a difficult and conservative venue. Our firm made history after settling in favor of a victim who suffered catastrophic injuries in a car accident. The cause of the car accident was traced back to a dangerously designed road. Both the city and the other driver were compelled to compensate our client, totaling an award of 13 million dollars.

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$6.2 Million settlement in construction accident resulting in loss of a lower leg to a young construction worker. Our client had been performing his normal duties on a highway construction site when his legs were crushed between two massive concrete slabs. While many construction accidents are compensated through workers’ compensation, our client’s injuries were catastrophic. In the end, we were able to negotiate a fair settlement that totaled $6.2 million.

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$5.1 Million settlement involving infant brain damage as a result of a traumatic delivery. Our clients were forced to witness their child endure traumatic delivery which resulted in brain damage after their doctor failed to respond to fetal distress. Our attorneys proved negligence through expert witness testimonies and were able to negotiate a $5.1 million settlement, which will assist our clients in meeting their child’s future needs.

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$4.6 Million settlement involving infant brain damage as a result of a traumatic delivery. After much contention from our opponents, the firm was able to settle a tragic case of birth injury. Our client’s child suffered lifelong brain damage after traumatic delivery due to the doctors’ failure to respond to fetal distress. The settlement totaled $4.6 million in damages.

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$4.35 Million for a brain-damaged man injured when he fell from a scaffold. Our client, in this case, was a construction worker who was not given the proper safety equipment to perform his tasks. As a result, he fell from a scaffold at the top of the structure and sustained permanent brain damage that would keep him from working for the rest of his life. We were able to prove the supervisors’ liability and secured a settlement of $4.35 million.

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$3.2 Million verdict for the wrongful death of a pedestrian who was hit by a car and driven into electrical wires on a construction site. The driver testified he had difficulty seeing while he drove, but knew he struck something. The two opponents in the case offered a total of $150,000 to settle the case before Richard Kenny tried the case to this substantial verdict.

$3.2 Million settlement achieved after the verdict in construction worker fall case. After being assigned a dangerous task without the proper safety equipment, our client had fallen from where he was working and sustained serious injuries. Although the opposition claimed that the victim had refused the safety harness when it was offered to him, our investigators discovered that the opposite was true. In the end, the opposition finally settled for $3.2 million in damages.

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$3.1 Million settlement in a case involving a failure to timely diagnose and treat cancer. We filed a wrongful death claim on behalf of the representatives of a deceased patient who died of an advanced form of cancer after the doctor failed to diagnose and treat in a timely manner. Mistakes that cost the lives of innocent patients should never happen, so we were happy to offer our services to this grieving family. The settlement was reached at $3.1 million in damages.

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$1.8 Million settlement for a failure to diagnose cancer. This claim involved a cancer patient whose condition was allowed to progress without treatment because the doctor failed to diagnose the cancer in a timely manner. As a result, the patient was forced to face the possibility of passing and wanted to know that their family was taken care of. The case was settled at $1.8 million.

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$1.5 Million settlement infant Erb’s palsy as a result of a traumatic delivery. The conclusion of this particular case came down to the inexperience of the doctor who was in charge of our client’s labor and delivery. The doctor failed to perform the necessary methods to treat shoulder dystocia and the child suffered Erb’s palsy as a result. The settlement was reached at the amount of $1.5 million.

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$1 Million verdict in the death of a child who choked to death on a hot dog in school. This tragic wrongful death case involved a young girl who died choking on a hot dog in the school cafeteria. Despite the presence of school staff at the time, no one responded to her distress. This negligence was shown by our attorneys to be the responsibility of the school and the verdict issued an award of $1 million for the grieving family of the young student.

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Some Other Examples of Our Victories:

$3.45M for a young executive in the fashion industry who suffered severe damage to her foot necessitating multiple surgeries as a consequence of a poorly-constructed fixture that was designed to transport ladies’ apparel interoffice. The apparatus toppled over and crushed the client’s foot on account of it being poorly designed and constructed.

$3M for a delivery man who tripped on misplaced merchandise in the parking lot while unloading a truck. Most injury claims alleged were emotional damages.

$3M settlement for a Spanish speaking cook involved in an intersectional collision in Nassau County resulting in multiple spinal surgeries. The settlement figure on this case was exceptional on account of the client being a percentage at fault for the happening of this accident. James Lundy of this office was asked to assist the law office of Zemsky and Solomon at mediation on this matter.

$3M verdict for a police officer who claimed discrimination by superiors who were preventing him from receiving psychiatric assistance.

$2.75M for medical malpractice victim whose case was rejected by 2 other law firms

$2.5M for a fractured ankle suffered as a result of a slip and fall on ice.

$2M for a girl whose foot was run over by truck resulting in crush injury.

$1.85M in a defective roadway design case with difficult liability issues relating to the driver of the vehicle.

$1.7M for the wrongful death of a utility worker.

$1.5M for a young man injured in a car accident

$1.45M as a result of a ceiling collapse injuring the plaintiff’s neck and back.

$1.4M for a passenger in a 2-car collision. The client had surgery on his cervical spine.

$1.4M for head and neck injuries suffered in a ceiling collapse.

$1.3M settlement involving traumatic amputation of a child’s finger in a paper shredding machine not properly equipped with safety guard.

$1.15M settlement in a head-on car accident case causing Traumatic Brain Injury in Suffolk County. The opposing vehicle only had $1.2M in available coverage, although we were able to settle well before the trial was on the calendar.

$1M settlement in a case involving a fire that consumed a building and took the life of our client. The claim was predicated on the building failing to ensure that there were adequate means of escape in case a fire that started in the lobby and thus prevented the client from being able to escape through conventional means. The Landlord had failed to ensure that the deceased could gain access to available fire escapes.

$985K settlement in a medical malpractice matter involving a failure to diagnose an embolism. There was only $1M in available coverage and we were able to achieve this result prior to even conducting depositions.

$985K settlement against the City of New York for an intersection collision involving an NYC sanitation vehicle.

$985K settlement in a medical malpractice case involving a failure to respond to a deceased woman’s physical complaints. Had proper steps been taken, the woman could have potentially been safely treated.

$975K settlement in a difficult liability case involving a woman who slipped and fell on ice and broke her ankle. The case settled after the plaintiff’s verdict on the issue of liability.

$950K in medical malpractice case where Defendant Doctor mistakenly intubated the client’s esophagus.

$900K settlement on a Medical Malpractice matter involving an infant with shoulder dystocia

$850K for the wrongful death of a 70-year-old woman who perished en route to the cemetery where they planned to bury her deceased husband. The limousine company transporting the deceased widow lost control en route and caused catastrophic injuries to the decedent. Limited insurance coverage prevented a greater settlement amount.

$850K settlement against DOT for an intersection collision.

$800K in a pedestrian knockdown case involving an 85-year-old who the defense claimed was at fault for crossing a busy street in the middle of the block.

$800K in a wrongful death motorcycle accident case where a cyclist was fatally injured after hitting a bump in the street.

$775K in an emotionally fueled case involving the wrongful death of an 11-year-old boy who fell 13 floors to his death in an elevator shaft. We achieved what is believed to be the highest settlement for the death of an infant whom we proved suffered two seconds of “fear of impending death”.

$775K settlement involving a trip and fall accident caused by broken pavement at a sporting facility.

$775K 2 separate sexual assault cases involving different City schools, the firm had the privilege of seeing justice was done for 2 Autistic school children who were sexually assaulted by fellow students. These cases settled for a combined $775,000.00.

$762K settlement for an NYC Firefighter who suffered a serious back injury requiring a microdiscectomy. He was injured when he fell on a smoke-filled stairwell with no visibility. As he was ascending this stairwell with the intent of gaining entry to the apartment where the fire originated, he fell injuring his back. The cause of the fire was a plumber having “sweated” a pipe in the wall of an apartment undergoing renovations with a blow torch. Hot embers fell in the wall space ultimately resulting in a fire several hours later. The case settled for $762,000.00.

$725K settlement for a 66-year-old dentist injured in a single-vehicle car accident. He had swerved to avoid a vehicle that we alleged made an improper and sudden left turn in front of him. He was forced to take evasive action that consequently resulted in his vehicle colliding with a telephone pole. There was never any contact between the two vehicles. Multiple lawyers turned this case down, but the Law Office of Richard M. Kenny went to the scene of the accident with an accident reconstructionist and was able to prove, by surveying the scene and reconstructing the accident, that the vehicle which made the turn was culpable. After months of intense negotiations, the case settled for $725,000.

$700K settlement Elevator accident- Our client sustained an injury to his non-dominant hand that required several surgeries. The defendants attempted to avoid responsibility by arguing that the accident was the 100% fault of our client in misusing the elevator. We disproved that defense with the use of an elevator expert and the defendants accepted responsibility.

$700K for a slip and fall causing our client to undergo spinal surgery

$600K settlement for a construction worker who fell through an exposed hole in the floor.

$550K settlement for a passenger injured in a rear-end collision.

$550K for a motor vehicle accident victim who suffered neck injuries

$525K settlement for an elevator repairman who fell down a shaft due to faulty safety equipment.

$475K for a bicyclist without a helmet who sustained a brain injury when the car door was opened in his path.

$450K for a food service worker who suffered a cervical injury after a collapsing tent pole struck her in the neck.

$450K for an injured dockworker who suffered an elbow fracture that didn’t require surgery.

$450K for a woman who sustained a severe ankle fracture during a slip and fall accident caused by a pane of glass placed on the ground in a wet driveway by her landlord.

$425K for a fractured elbow suffered as a consequence of a fall at a construction site accident

$375K on a very complicated case stemming from a car accident where our client re-injured her back

$375K for a client who hurt his lower back in a motor vehicle accident

$330K for a young man who sustained a brain injury after being assaulted in a bar.

$300K recovery involving an auto accident at a car repair shop where the owner of the car and the repair shop were found at fault.

$300K settlement for a 72-year-old woman who tripped and fell on a broken sidewalk in Brooklyn and injured her foot and wrist. The defendants argued that they were not responsible because the defect was “de minimis” and also “open and obvious,” thus rendering the accident the plaintiff’s fault for not looking where she was walking. Mr. Lundy was able to overcome these problematic issues by conducting thorough depositions of the property owner and tenants who conducted business at the accident location. Ultimately, the defendants agreed to pay the sum of $300,000 to resolve this matter.

$275K settlement after the client was injured in a bar assault.

$275K for a pedestrian struck by a car and who ended up having knee surgery

$275K for a motor vehicle accident

$250K settlement for an automobile accident victim who had knee and shoulder surgeries.

$250K for an elderly pedestrian who was struck in a crosswalk.

$25oK for Verizon employee who injured his leg while walking through a construction site.

$250K for a woman who fell in a hole in an unlighted movie theater parking lot.

$235K for a young man injured when a piece of a decrepit fire escape fell from a nearby building.

$215K for a man who sustained a brain injury after falling in a hole on his neighbor’s lawn.

$200K in a difficult liability case involving a passenger in a police van being driven recklessly.

$190K settlement involving an NYC Police Officer who suffered a knee injury requiring arthroscopic intervention. Our client led an anti-gambling task force and while raiding the location where the ring was operating, he fell on a poorly maintained stairwell and suffered a knee injury. The case settled for $190,000.

$175,000.00 settlement after a superstore display fell and injured the client. The accident took place on Long Island and this case was settled in Nassau County after three days of testimony.

$171K settlement for a client who suffered knee and shoulder injuries after she was involved in a three-car collision.

$150K settlement against the City of New York for forcing a student with a lower extremity deficit to engage in a gym class activity that was contraindicated for his condition.

$140K settlement in a case involving an elevator mis-leveling that led to an elderly resident falling and injuring his shoulder.

$125K settlement in a case against the City of New York negligently removing a tree and causing the sidewalk to heave, leaving a tripping hazard in its wake. An elderly woman walking on the sidewalk tripped and fell on the hazard, injuring her shoulder.

$125K settlement for a child who was born several weeks prematurely as a consequence of a car accident involving his mother’s vehicle and another car.

$132.5K for a woman who tripped and fell on an uneven sidewalk in Co-Op City.

$112.5K for a man falsely arrested and held for 11 days in a case of mistaken identity.

$75K pre-suit settlement for a claim of excessive use of force where it was alleged that the NYPD inappropriately used a taser to subdue our client.

$75,000.00 settlement for a client who broken her foot when she stepped into a hole at the bottom of a dark staircase. The accident was not witnessed and occurred on a Transit Authority staircase. This case was handled by Attorney Renaud Bleeker, of counsel for RMK.

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