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In the aftermath of a serious car accident, one of the first phone calls you should make is to an attorney. A NYC car accident lawyer from The Law Office of Richard M. Kenny can provide insight and guidance on how to move forward after your collision. From advising on the correct course of action, to utilizing our legal skills for the purpose of obtaining maximum recovery in your case, you can count on the efforts that will be invested into your case when a car accident attorney from our firm is called upon for help. Call us today at (888) 353-0179 to schedule a free consultation!

Statistics About Car Accidents in New York

According to information provided by the New York State DMV, of the 315,377 motor vehicle accidents that occurred across the state in 2010, 78,343 happened in New York City. Of the accidents that took place in Manhattan and surrounding boroughs, 261 were fatal and 53,609 resulted in some form of injury.

As identified by the DMV, the leading causes of car accidents in the city include:

  • 21.0% – Distracted driving
  • 10.6% – Failure to yield the right of way
  • 10.5% – Tailgating
  • 5.6% – Speeding
  • 4.5% – Disregard of traffic signals

New York's No-Fault Law

In February 1974, the New York Comprehensive Automobile Insurance Act, commonly known as "The No-Fault Law," was enacted. The statute (Article 51) covers how parties injured in a motor vehicle accident can be compensated; it does not deal with property damage – only personal injuries. Although subjected to limitations imposed under §5108, this law states that all eligible individuals can receive compensation to cover "basic economic loss," which includes the following (up to $50,000 per person):

  1. Payment for expenses related to medical costs.
  2. Percentage of lost wages that would have otherwise been earned
  3. Reasonable expenses – up to $25 per day for one year

The No-Fault Law can only be applied in cases involving motor vehicles—except motorcycles—where economic loss has occurred to "covered persons." Per the statute, "covered persons" can be the person who is insured; members of insured's household; owner, operator or occupant of the vehicle; injured pedestrian; and other individuals covered by first-party benefits.

Individuals deemed to be exempt include those injured:

  • By his or her own intentional actions
  • Through operation of a motor vehicle while impaired / intoxicated
  • While committing a felonious act
  • Through operation of a motor vehicle while racing illegally
  • Through operation of a motor vehicle that is known to be stolen.

If you have questions about The No Fault-Law and are unsure of whether or not you are covered, you should not hesitate to consult with a knowledgeable NYC car accident attorney as soon as possible. Determining liability, deciding what is covered and how much can be recovered is a complex process and it should only be handled by someone with a complete understanding of personal injury law. Even if you're covered under this law, it may not be enough to cover all expenses and damages incurred (serious injuries, property damage, emotional pain and suffering, etc.) and you may need to take separate action altogether. Our firm can help determine the best course of legal action moving forward, so Contact The Law Office of Richard M. Kenny to discuss your case with a member of legal team.

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