Our Goal Is To Give Our Clients The Best Service Possible — And Deliver The Best Results Attainable In Each Case

We strive for favorable results for injured people seeking compensation. The Law Office of Richard M. Kenny has also recovered more than $100 million in successful case settlements and favorable jury verdicts. We daresay that a great many of our successes have come about through our dedication, skill, intellect, preparation and ingenuity.

At the same time, we attribute many successes to close collaboration with our clients. We get to know them and their families to gain a clear understanding of how their injuries and losses have impacted their lives. We work hard to keep them informed at all times. When it comes time for an injured person to choose to accept a settlement offer or take a case to trial, we want that client to have the right information and legal advice to make the right decision.

We Set The Bar High

At The Law Office of Richard M. Kenny, we set the highest ethical standards for ourselves. We pledge to treat our clients with the utmost respect and care. Richard M. Kenny was recently appointed to the Departmental Disciplinary Committee of the First Department of the New York State unified court system. This committee aims to protect the rights of clients and maintain the integrity of the legal profession. The appointment is a testament to Richard M. Kenny's high ethical standards.

If you need a personal injury lawyer in New York City, contact us without hesitation to learn what our team can do for your case.

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